Come to Know Jesus

Our goal is for families to win! Your goal is to raise children that love God and love others. The Parent-Child Dedication is a special milestone event that will help you make the most of every moment. This child dedication is a beautiful opportunity for you to invite people to pray for you and support you as you strive to raise your child to know, love, and follow Jesus Christ. Typically, the Parent-Child Dedication is for children 3 years old and younger. However, if your child is older and you would like to take part in this milestone, please contact us.

A Parent-Child Dedication is not infant baptism. We believe that baptism is a statement of faith that can only be made by someone who has personally come to faith in Christ. This dedication is an opportunity for parents to publicly declare their commitment to raise their child in a Christ-centered home, with the desire that their child will come to know and love Jesus.

How Can You Participate?

We ask that any parent who wishes to participate to please register for the dedication and required orientation. 

  • Dedication: Saturday, April 21
  • Orientation: Sunday, March 11, 11 am, room 203