Current Message Series

More or Less – Finding Satisfaction in What Matters Most

Often times we think, “If I only had __________, I would really be set in life.” What we use to fill in the blank changes throughout life, but the thought remains—if we just had more (or less) of something in our lives, we could accomplish so much more in our families, our churches, our jobs, and our personal life and we will be satisfied. Our new message series beginning Jan. 6 will work through the most common things we think we need more of in life to fulfill us and unpack why we think we need more. Instead, when we fill that blank with biblical truth, we truly come to life. Jesus speaks into that perceived need on a deeper level and brings us true fulfillment.

Jan. 6 & 7 – Less Worry – Rick Rusaw
Jan. 11-14 – More Money – Rick Rusaw
Jan. 18-21 – Less Trouble – Rick Rusaw
Jan. 25-28 – Less Conflict – Carlos Lollett
Feb. 1-4 – More Faith – Carlos Lollett