Current Message Series

Fight: Families are Worth It

Relationships in general are hard. Relationships with family? Those get even more tricky! We bicker, we fight, we laugh, we cry. We do life together. These are the people we are closest to, which means, they see us at our best and our worst. The family was supposed to be a great gift from God created to help us grow and develop. However, our sin has corrupted God’s purpose for the family. In this series, we will look at and discover how we can fight for our family and, to the best of our ability, help it be a good and healthy part of our lives.

Sept. 16 & 17 – Family: It’s Just a Phase – Rick Rusaw and Cindy Fiala
Sept. 23 & 24 – Time and Expectations – Rick Rusaw
Sept. 30 & Oct. 1 – Speak the Same Language – Rick Rusaw and Diane Rusaw
Oct. 7 & 8 – Technology and the Family – Brian Housman
Oct. 14 & 15 – Managing Conflict – Rick Rusaw
Oct. 21 & 22 – Stay – Steve & Debbie Wilson