Fitness at LifeBridge

Stay fit year-round with various classes for any fitness level. You’ll love our enthusiastic instructors who put all of their passion into these interactive fitness classes to make sure you stay healthy and fit.

High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT)

Come join a full body workout in this HIIT class. Strength training and cardiovascular conditioning will be utilized for a fun, challenging, high calorie burning session. Tuesdays at 5:45 am beginning Sept. 5. $6 per class or $50 per 9 classes.



Mix effective body sculpting movements with easy-to-follow fun dance steps that maximizes caloric output, fat burning, and total body toning. Tuesday at 5:45 pm in room 131 in the Activities Center. $6 per class or $50 per 9 classes.

Fit 4 Life

Designed specifically for seniors, this low-impact workout includes flexibility, stretch band, and light weights. Mondays at 9 am in room 131 in the Activities Center. Fridays at 9 am in room 125 of the Fellowship Center. Free.