Prayers for Those Impacted by Hurricanes

Hurricane devastation has impacted thousands of families in the United States and in various countries. We have heard from many people in our church community who have family and friends affected by the aftermath left from these storms. Through your generosity here is how we’ve helped bring hope to people affected.

Can’d Aid – Through your support and the work of OskarBlues Can’d Aid Foundation, this Longmont-based organization has already supplied 220,000 cans of clean drinking water to Houston, 102,700 cans to Florida, and 91,200 cans to Puerto Rico.

Houston Family – With your donations from a weekend in September, we were able to help a family start to rebuild in Houston. See their story below.

Puerto Rico Support – Your donations also are going to work to help families in Puerto Rico rebuild.


How LifeBridge Is Helping Those Affected By Hurricanes

Houston Hurricane Relief
During a weekend in September, we asked our LifeBridge family to drop their loose cash into buckets to help out people affected by hurricanes. We were able to help a family affected by Hurricane Harvey in a significant way move toward recovery. This family has visited LifeBridge many times and is connected to us through several of their family members. Unfortunately, Harvey completely flooded their home and they had to completely gut the main floor. Your giving helped them on their journey to rebuilding.
Puerto Rico Relief
Through your generosity and donations, local relief efforts gathered the following items to send to Puerto Rico. 40 lanterns with batteries, 20 headlamps with batteries, 3 2,000 watt generators, eight extension cords, 40 bottles of iodine capsules for water purification, 10 military grade water purification systems, four 5-gallon gas cans, 30 king-sized bed mosquito nets, 80 hand sanitizer bottles, 16 tubes of Neosporin, 10 water bottles with filters, 20 containers for clean water storage, 10 emergency radios, $2,400 worth of food and house supplies.
Houston Operation Blessing Trip

As part of our Hurricane Relief effort, a team from LifeBridge traveled to Houston in October as part of Operation Blessing and Christians for Disaster Relief to help in recovery efforts. Not only did the team help in clean up, but they were able to provide inspiration to families throughout the week. The team also enjoyed an evening of food prepared by Mennonite women and a concert each night by the Mennonite men.