Dear LifeBridge,

It was 28 years ago when Diane and I moved our young family to Longmont, Colorado. While we came with the intent to serve a long time in the same place, we certainly couldn’t foresee that we would spend the bulk of our lives at LifeBridge.

Throughout the past few years, not only has the church looked ahead, but Diane and I have looked toward our own future. We knew there would be a time when we would pass the leadership privilege to someone new. Now, as I look to the future of our church’s opportunities and needs, it has become clear to me that God has prepared both the church and us to begin the transition toward retirement. Our plan is for me to step aside as LifeBridge’s Lead Pastor by September 2019.

Our Elders have put together a transition team and are diligently praying and working through all the implications. They are committed to communicating with the congregation throughout this process as we search for the next Lead Pastor at LifeBridge. I trust that God will bring the next leader to LifeBridge and that our Elders will lead that process successfully.

Because I’ve never been big on hobbies and there are only so many hammock days I can tolerate, I know Diane and I will stay busy. While I am retiring from LifeBridge, we won’t stop being involved in kingdom things, one of which is close to my heart. Our church is connected to a group of about 8,000 churches with 35,000 ministry leaders who share the same heritage and heartbeat as independent churches. The challenge and detrimental issues facing our young leaders is monumental, so a network named Spire launched with the mission to encourage and equip leaders who inspire a movement of healthy growing churches. Spire will provide innovative resources for mentoring, support pastor health, and provide practical ministry help. I have been asked to help give leadership to this new venture and help church leaders navigate new challenges they face.

Our Elders have always encouraged the church and our staff to be engaged beyond our walls. LifeBridge has led the way for many church communities worldwide on things such as neighboring and being externally focused. I am blessed by our church community, pastors, Elders, and staff who honor Christ with their time and resources. It is a privilege to work alongside so many of you who serve, give, and pray for LifeBridge and our community. Mostly, I loved being a part of helping our church be a place where Christ is honored and grace is evident.

For now, your work and mine remain the same: to find ways to help people in our community connect with the grace of God. I am looking forward to watching how God will lead in this next year for both LifeBridge and our family. Diane and I have such great love for you and the church, and are grateful to have spent the better part of our lives leading with you in this place. Let’s lean into this next year together!

Rick Rusaw


Why is Rick transitioning?

After prayerful consideration, Rick has decided that this is the right time for him to retire from his role as Lead Pastor at LifeBridge. Rick’s retirement comes after more than 27 years of faithful service to LifeBridge and the church in a variety of capacities. Rick’s retirement will open the door for new leadership to lead LifeBridge into the next decades of ministry to our community.

Will Rick continue to teach during the transition?

Yes, Rick will continue to teach during this transition. Rick will continue to lead the staff and maintain his role as Lead Pastor until the Elders call the next leader for LifeBridge in the coming months.

What is the transition timeline?

Rick has announced that his retirement will take place on or before September 2019. As the Elders search for LifeBridge’s next leader, Rick will maintain his role and assist in the leadership transition, providing every opportunity for the next leader of LifeBridge to find success in continuing the ministry heartbeat of LifeBridge in our community.

Where is Rick going?

Rick and Diane, and most of their family, live in Longmont. Rick calls Longmont home and does not have plans to change his address. He is retiring from his role at LifeBridge and plans to continue in his passion of leaning into other ministry roles outside of LifeBridge to help push forward the movement of Independent Christian Churches across the country.

How will the next Lead Pastor be identified?

The Elder Board has formed a Candidate Review Team (CRT) and has partnered with Slingshot (a ministry placement consultancy) to assist in the search for the next Lead Pastor at LifeBridge. As a candidate is identified a full interview process will be conducted. We hope you will join us in prayer as God directs us to the individual that He is calling to become our next Lead Pastor of LifeBridge.

What does this mean for the future of LifeBridge?

LifeBridge has always been a place that shows and grows in God’s grace. We are excited about continuing to extend God’s grace to our community and growing in God’s grace as a church. This is a season where we are all prayerfully seeking God’s wisdom in identifying the next candidate who will provide leadership into the coming decades of growing and showing God’s grace in Longmont, across our state and country, and throughout the world.

Who is overseeing the current leadership of the church?

Our church is staff led and Elder protected. Our staff manages the day-to-day operations of the church, while our Elders care for the staff, affirm the forward vision, and manage the legal entity and progress of the church. During this time of transition, our staff and senior leadership team will continue to lead the day-to-day operations, while Elders will oversee the Lead Pastor search process and work alongside staff for strategic decisions that arise.

How can I stay up-to-date on the transition process?

This web page is a great place to find current and up-to-date information about the search process and any news regarding the leadership transition. The Elders will also provide updated information as this process progresses in monthly emails and as needed during services. We also suggest  you sign up for the LifeBridge eNewsletter to receive updates and information. For additional questions, please email


Oct. 21, 2018

It has been six weeks since Rick and Diane announced their decision to retire. As you will recall, immediately after that announcement we engaged a search firm specializing in helping churches locate senior staff. Through their efforts more than 40 individuals have made inquiries for the ministry opportunity here at LifeBridge.  They received interest from numerous quality candidates and provided us with profiles of those candidates who mostly closely matched our requirements and have an interest in becoming the next Lead Pastor of LifeBridge.

As we shared, the Elders formed a Candidate Review Team, made up of members of our congregation. They have already met and have begun reviewing the profiles of these candidates, listening to messages, and checking references. The Candidate Review Team, along with Elders and Staff, will continue to vet and interview these candidates before presenting a candidate to the congregation. We will communicate with you throughout the coming weeks as this process unfolds.

This is an exciting and challenging time for LifeBridge and we ask for your prayers as we move forward. This has always been God’s church and it always will be. Please join us in prayer as our church follows God’s lead in this process.

Gayle Zonnefeld, Chairman of the Elders

If you have questions about the transition, click below to email us.
We appreciate your prayers during this transition and are excited for what God has in store for Rick and LifeBridge.