The Marriage and Family Ministry is dedicated to strengthening good marriages, saving troubled marriages, reconciling broken marriages, and strengthening families.

Teaching biblical principles, our Marriage and Family ministry offers encouragement, hope, and purpose to families so individuals and couples may apply them in their lives, and then pass them down from one generation to the next—changing the destiny of families forever.

Irreplaceable Family Community Group

Please join the Irreplaceable Family Community Group for a new study series based on the book, “Not a Fan” by Kyle Idleman. This book challenges you to take an honest look at your relationship with Jesus and motivates you to become a committed follower rather than a fan.

Family Forum Group

The Family Community Group showcases God’s design for families in our everyday lives. Families can come together to fellowship and share their lives, build friendships, grow in their love for God through His Word, and learn to love their neighbors through missional service. Join us and let’s discover together practical resources to help our families thrive. Childcare for the forum is provided through regular LifeKids Sunday program.

Marriage and Family Counseling

Biblical counseling is available for families and individual couples in a safe and confidential setting. Counseling helps couples and families heal their relationship, resolve conflict, and learn to communicate in a mutually satisfying way. Counseling is also helpful when dealing with life challenges.