Meet Matt

I have been married for 13 years, my wife and I have 3 kids; Sawyer (9), Georgia (6), and Sutton (4). I have been in various pastoral roles at my home church since 2011. But for the past year, I have sensed God calling me away from Traders Point Christian Church to be a Lead Pastor. After about a year of praying and seeking counsel, our Lead Pastor and Elders have affirmed this call and have given me the margin to seek out where God is leading me and my family, while staying on the pastoral and leadership team at Traders Point.

I’m passionate about preaching, directional leadership, strategy, and developing other leaders and being a part of a unified team. I believe God has given me these passions and strengths. I want to be a part of a local church that blesses the city it is in, and the people that walk through its doors.

I desire to see Jesus made famous, people flourish, people come to Jesus and grow in their relationship with Him, and for the city to want the church to be there. If there was a funeral for the church, I hope the city would grieve because of the impact the church had. I love to spend time with my family, close friends, playing sports, and reading.



What LifeBridge Staff & Elders Are Saying

“Matt is a relational leader, which is evident from my initial interactions with him. I’m excited about his desire to get to know the people of LifeBridge, our programs and our culture to better understand how to lead the church in this next season. I do believe his passion for his family and for those who don’t know Jesus will help move our church forward in these two important areas.”  – Kevin King, Executive Pastor

“Matt has a strong commitment to the Bible and deep compassion for people.” – Nancy Karpenske, Women’s Pastor

“I’m thankful for Matt’s heart for people and excited about his passion for them to know Jesus. He is a gifted leader with courage and humility.” – Drew Depler, Pastor

“Loved meeting and getting to know Matt and Kelly and I’m excited to see how God continues to lead them and us in this next chapter of the LifeBridge story.” – Tim Foot, Worship Pastor

“It is evident God has Matt on a journey toward church leadership and has been preparing him for it for some time now.”  – JR Masteller, Sports Pastor

“It was nice to meet Matt and Kelly and I’m excited to see how God shapes the future of LifeBridge.”  – Hanna Koenig, Creative Arts Pastor

“After spending time with Matt, I am impressed with his passion for ministry and furthering God’s kingdom through the local church. He is firmly based in his faith, sincere, very relational, a team player and straight forward in his communications.  The messages I reviewed and listened to showed a good ability to delve into the Word and deliver a meaningful message to both individuals mature in their faith and those new to faith in Christ.” – Gayle Zonnefeld, Chairman of Elders