Reaching a New Generation

New Service Times After Easter

At LifeBridge, we want to continue to reach our next generation of young kids, students, and families with a message of God’s good grace. And that means in order to reach a changing culture, we have to take the message that never changes and shift things from time to time.

To help us plan for our future, many of you provided valuable feedback to us through our church survey last year. Your input continues to shape how we have a meaningful impact for those who are already part of our community and find ways to reach new people for Jesus.

As we read through the survey results, a few things came through loud and clear:

  • More than half of you say that you’re committed to attend every weekend. We love that you are intentional!

  • When you’re not able to attend, 40 percent of you are participating in some kind of outdoor activity or spending time in the mountains.

  • Almost three quarters (70 percent) of you say you would invite a friend or neighbor to church with you. We’re excited about creating new opportunities for you to invite friends.

  • When we looked at what day of the week (that’s not a weekend), Thursday came in as one of the top days for an off-weekend service. So we started one!

As you know, we’ve started Thursday services and are excited about growing that service. We believe this weeknight service will allow people a time to connect with the Gospel, even if their weekends are full.

We always want to follow God’s lead to be reaching not just our existing church but those in our community. Like other churches nationwide, our Saturday service attendance has flattened over the last few years and has not experienced growth like our other services. We believe the best option moving forward is to maximize our resources and invest as much as we can in Thursdays and Sundays. So after Easter, we’ll end the Saturday service and invite people to attend one of our other service times. This is an opportunity for us to double down on continuing to grow Thursday and Sunday. We look forward to seeing you Thursdays at 6:30 pm, as well as our Sunday services at 8 (traditional), 9:30 and 11 am.