A wedding at LifeBridge Christian Church is designed as a worship celebration uniting a man and a woman who have put their faith in Jesus Christ and are committed to living in accordance with Scriptural principles.

In an effort to give clear direction to prospective bridal couples who seek to be married under the guidance and authority of LifeBridge Christian Church, the policies and guidelines below are set forth.

Biblical Foundation for Marriage: 

  • Marriage is a Holy Covenant  [Malachi 2:14 -15]
  • Marriage is the covenant act of a man and a woman uniting together as husband and wife [Genesis 1:27; 2:22-25], which pictures the oneness of Christ with His church [Ephesians 5:31-32]
  • Marriage is for life [ Matthew 19:6]

Marriage Policy Requirements:  

Note: The following are the church policies and minimum guidelines for getting married at LifeBridge Christian Church. You can print these policies and guidelines, and wedding applications by downloading them as PDF’s  from the sidebar on this page. If you’re interested in getting married at LifeBridge, please give us a call.

  • The LifeBridge Christian Church pastoral staff and facilities will be available only for the wedding ceremonies of those who have come to know Jesus Christ as their personal Savior.
  • All weddings must be approved by a Marriage and Family Director, Care Pastor or an elder.
  • All couples who plan to be married at LifeBridge or by a LifeBridge Pastor must complete Christian Pre-marital Counseling approved by the LifeBridge Marriage and Family Director.
  • Every couple who marries at LifeBridge Christian Church is required to sign a Statement of Marriage Commitment.
  • If either party has been divorced, at least one year since the divorce was final must have passed before LifeBridge gives consideration for remarriage of the couple.
  • Unless there is a prior agreement with the Marriage and Family Director, a LifeBridge Pastor will officiate/participate at all weddings at LifeBridge.
  • Any outside pastor who is to be involved in a wedding ceremony must be in agreement with the LifeBridge Christian Church wedding policy and must have the permission of the LifeBridge Marriage and Family Director.

General Guidelines:  

Note: No wedding will be confirmed until availability of the LifeBridge Campus is determined by the Facilities Department. This process could take up to 10 business days. 

  • We advise you to enter our marriage preparation process as soon as you are thinking seriously of being married or well before your preferred wedding date. Six months to one year advanced notice is highly recommended due to heavy bookings of our facility.
  • All couples requesting a wedding at LifeBridge will complete a Wedding Application Form.
  • LifeBridge Christian Church members and regular attendees will have first priority to use the facilities.
  • A Wedding Coordinator will be involved in all weddings, except those that are simple “stand up” ceremonies, involving only the minister, bride, groom, and witness. These requests will be determined by the Marriage and Family Director.
  • Music will be reviewed and approved by the Wedding Coordinator.

Building Use Guidelines: 

  • Smoking is not permitted anywhere in the building or within 25 feet of any church entrance. If guests want to smoke outside, we ask that they dispose of their cigarettes in their car ashtrays.
  • Alcoholic beverages are not permitted on the premises. Use of alcoholic beverages could result in a fine and cancellation of your reception.
  • No confetti or glitter on tables at receptions.
  • For safety reasons, rice, birdseed, flower petals, etc. are not to be used anywhere on the premises. No bubbles or silly string are allowed inside the building.
  • Asparagus ferns, messy greenery, or dried materials are not permitted to be used on the pews or stage area.
  • If using bows and/or silk on the pews, pew hooks must be used.
  • No live/wet flowers are to be attached to the bows or pews.
  • Photographers and florists are asked to do their work within the time constraints set by the church and the Wedding Coordinator.
  • The bridal party will dress in an available dressing room.  The location depends on function(s) taking place in our facility. These rooms will be restored to their functional use after the wedding.
  • The groom’s party will dress in the dressing rooms behind the Auditorium stage or in another designated area. These rooms will be restored to their functional use after the wedding.
  • LifeBridge Christian Church will not be responsible for valuables left during your wedding and/or reception. Clothes, purses, billfolds, etc. are your personal responsibility and should be removed from the building and locked up in your cars.
  • Any damages to church property should be reported to the officiating pastor.

Note: LifeBridge Pastoral staff reserve the right to decline officiating a wedding if the bridal couples do not agree with the LifeBridge Christian Church wedding policy requirements and guidelines.