Every woman hungers for strong relational connections. The Women’s Ministry connects women through study groups, service opportunities in our church and community, and special events.

Bible Studies
Starting in the fall, each group with around 10 members and a leader, prays together weekly, and encourages each other during the week. Some studies include a viedo lecture. Choose from a variety of study groups. Please check back for our Fall 2016 schedule and classes.

Hearts for Moms
Moms with young children enjoy the encouragement of mentors, great discussions, activities, speakers, and food. Please check back for our Fall 2016 schedule.

Summer Park Playdates!

  This summer, we’d like to help keep all our moms in contact and have some fun with the kids! Each date, those interested will meet at the park from 9:30-11:30 a.m., but please feel free to show up anytime during that window. These dates will also be posted as Events on our Facebook page. Look for other moms with their “Hearts for Moms” T-shirts. Don’t forget the sunscreen, water, and snacks. We look forward to seeing you there!

Month Day Park
May 18 Rough & Ready *Pre-K VBS Week
25 Sandstone (Water) *K-5th KidVenture VBS Week
June 1 Flanders
8 Thompson
15 Willow Farm
22 Hover Acres Park
29 Kanemoto Park
July 6 Roosevelt
13 Stephen Day (Water)
20 Collyer
27 Sandstone (Water)
August 3 Blue Skies Park
10 Affolter Park

For more information or a map of Longmont City Parks, please go to: http://longmontcolorado.gov/online-services/facility-directory.

Single Moms’ Group

The Single Moms’ Group meets weekly on Wednesday evenings during the school year. Participants are connected to a mentor and a group of 8-10 women. We use a variety of teaching methods and guest speakers. We spend time every week worshiping and praying together. Instruction and coaching cover topics such as: Parenting, Budgeting, Forgiveness, Self-esteem, and Communication skills.

The Closet
Summer Hours of Operation: Saturday, 3:30-4:45 p.m.