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Everest: Seeing Our Lives Through a New Perspective

Have you ever thought about the view from the top of Mount Everest? The summit offers the best perspective because you can view everything in sight. If the Bible is the Himalayas, then the book of Romans is Mount Everest, and chapter 8 is the summit. Romans 8 is often called the greatest chapter in the Bible because it helps us see our brokenness, our Savior, His constant unwavering love, and His relentless pursuit of each of us. Join us in this series to see our life, our blessings, our sufferings, our successes, and our failures from a new vantage point.


June 13, 16: The Ascent

June 20, 23: Jail Break

June 27, 30: Life Saver

July 7: Freedom in Christ

July 11, 14: Adoption Papers

July 18, 21: The Best is Yet to Come

July 25, 28: Intercession > Independence

August 1, 4: Perfect Purpose

August 8, 11: You Can’t Stop Me 


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