We believe early childhood ministry is about laying a critical foundation for faith. When we embrace a child’s physical needs from these early years, it helps them to know God’s love and meet God’s family. Early childhood is divided into two areas: nursery and preschool. Children in our nursery area experience a monthly focus (yes, even babies) that will incite wonder about who God is and how much He loves them. Children age 2 through pre-kindergarten experience a monthly theme through weekly Bible stories. We’re excited to partner with your family during these amazing first years of wonder and exploration!

Large Groups

Kids love to sing, dance, and hear a story and this is where that happens!  The large group experience is an opportunity for kids to get active and silly while learning about a loving God who wants to be their friend.

Small Groups

Kids are created for relationships! Kids begin small groups at 2 years old with a consistent leader where they participate in activities that make Bible stories relevant. When children are known and needed, they have a greater opportunity to experience God’s love.

Join a small group on Zoom! Email kids@lbcc.org to sign up!

Wellness Policy

For the protection of all children when in the building, we must decline admission to children with the following symptoms: runny nose, rash, persistent cough, diarrhea or any other symptoms of illness. Children must be free of fever for 24 hours before coming to our LifeBridge environment.

In the early childhood years, a child will form their first impression of their Heavenly Father.

Every week we focus our programming around these three things:

God made me.

God loves me.

Jesus wants to be my friend forever.

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