Watch this video from Matt. Good Friday is good because Jesus chose to die for us (Philippines 2:8-11). Jesus didn’t have to die, he chose to. He willingly stepped in so you could be forgiven. It’s the ultimate definition of love. He died so our sins could be forgiven. Take some time and reflect on what Jesus did on the cross for you.


Read John 17-19

In the book of John, we read that Jesus not only speaks the word of God, he is the Word of God. Read John 17 – 19.

Slow down. Take a breath and let these words soak in. Jesus’ sacrifical death brings salvation into being. This part of the Bible recounts the moments before Jesus’ death through the moments just following His death.


Take time to thank God for Jesus.

Lord, I have been forgiven so much more than I realize. Thank you for your presence, for things that you do that I don’t see, and for your constant love of all of humanity- including me. Thank you for loving me so much that you would give your only son to carry my sin and my shame. Thank you for the Bible and teaching us a better way. You are so good, Lord. Help me to fully embrace your love today. Help me to also be a reflection of your love towards others. 


Remember: Jesus sacrificed for each of us. No matter if you’ve betrayed Him or abandoned Him. No matter if you’ve been complacent or don’t know Him at all. There is an astronomical debt attached to your sin, and mine, that you and I cannot pay. But Jesus can…and He did. His signature is the cross. Jesus didn’t go to the cross because of you…He went to the cross for you. Your debt is paid. Take some time right now and reflect on that: Your debt is paid because of Jesus.

Find some bread or crackers and juice and take communion. If you’re up for it, make a list of the blessings you receive from Jesus. 


Watch this video to the left.

After watching the video, how do you feel towards Jesus? Talk to him about the ways you’re thankful for all that he’s done for you. Ask him to keep growing you closer to him.