Walk Together Through Discipleship

We know our church is full of different personalities and needs. Our hope is that our new Mentoring program opens a door for you if you are looking for something more personal and one-on-one in your discipleship growth. This program is an opportunity to walk together in a relationship with another adult of the same gender to connect on biblical questions, spiritual growth, and different life situations and challenges.

There is no curriculum for this program. Instead it is designed by the mentor and mentee after getting to know each other and discussing goals. Mentors are also needed for this program.


What happens when I sign up as a mentee?  
Upon signing up for our mentoring program you will be paired with a mentor who fits with what you’re seeking. For example, if you are looking for someone to walk through the Bible with you, we will pair you with a mentor who has a heart for that. Another example would be if you’re a mom and you want a mentor for that area of your life, we will pair you up with a mentor who is a mom and can share in your journey.

How long is the mentoring program?
The length of the mentoring relationship is determined by the mentor/mentee pair.  We ask them to stay together for at least six months.

What will I gain from the mentoring program?
You will gain the experience of walking alongside someone who has already been through what they are going through or has wisdom that they would like to learn from.

Why would I want to take part in the mentoring program?
It’s a one on one experience that is more personal and specific than a small group.