Love Where You Live

What if we got better at the two things Jesus said mattered most—to love God and love our neighbors? Neighboring requires that we lean into God and step into relationship. Connecting with others and neighbors means you have to act different. It’s a countercultural decision to engage differently with those around you by keeping your heart open to your neighbors.

Who is my neighbor?

We have many circles of relationship. But what if we choose to love our actual neighbors? At LifeBridge we are challenged to embrace the 8 homes nearest our own—and not just pick and choose the neighbors we want to engage with. No special talent is required. Everyone can be a neighbor!

The Practices of Neighboring

These simple practices help us build relationship and be used of God.

Get to know your neighbors names, hopes, and hurts. Find ways to connect.

Pray about your neighbors, for your neighbors, and with your neighbors.

Show hospitality, open your yard or home, play games, and have fun!

Initiate significant conversations, and share about God’s love in Christ.

Neighboring Life

As churches and people learn and grow in neighboring, they find the website of value. It contains tips, ideas, blogs, and resources to help us all lean into God and neighbor well.