Serve With LifeBridge

No matter what your gifts and passions are, there’s a place for you to use them here. We know that serving is a big part of your spiritual journey, and we want to help. If you aren’t serving, you’re missing out on what God has for you!

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Grace Matters

Our lives have been inspired by God’s love, grace, and hope. We follow God’s lead by working to stay externally focused, culturally relevant, and life-giving in our posture. Through serving our church, community, and world, we desire to see people who accept and extend grace. When you serve others, you make a difference.

Serve Your Church

Serving at LifeBridge is a great way to get connected and give of your time and talents. Each week, we depend on hundreds of volunteers to lead, champion, and help people connect in meaningful ways within ministries, Thursday night services, weekend services, special events, and more. 

Serve Locally

By serving our community you can use your skills and talents to change lives beyond our church walls. Click on the links to our community partners where you can learn more about serving our community.

Serve Globally

Participating on a mission trip is one of the most life-changing opportunities to get outside of your comfort zone and serve. By reaching out to our global partners you are helping people meet some of their basic needs while building relationships.