Welcome to LifeKids!

LifeKids, the children’s ministry at LifeBridge, is a fun and interactive experience where kids and families learn to Love God, Love Each Other, and Love Your Neighbors. Each weekend, kids are on an expedition through the Bible in age-appropriate rooms. Kids are guided by our caring staff and volunteer leaders who complete an application, which includes a background screen and reference check.

We believe that your child’s spiritual journey should continue at home during the week. Throughout the year we provide various resources, parenting seminars, and special events to help equip you as parents to be the primary spiritual leaders of your family.

What to Expect On Your First Visit

At LifeKids we value the safety of children as much as we do a fun learning experience. One of the ways we protect kids is by using an electronic check-in system. The system prints out name tags for the kids to wear, and a matching tag for the parent(s) to use as a claim check. During your first visit to LifeBridge, there will be someone to welcome you and register your family for electronic check-in. We encourage you to come at least 20 minutes prior to the service. The next time you visit, you will be able to use a self-check in station by entering your phone number.

Discover our Children’s Ministries

Basecamp – Early Childhood

At Basecamp, our youngest learners discover God’s love for them in a safe environment led by caring people. We have age-appropriate activities to help your infant and small child begin his or her journey of connecting to God’s story.

  • Nursery – Our safe and secure nursery provides quality care for babies through 1-year-olds so parents can attend a weekend service with peace of mind. LifeKids volunteers care for the children’s physical needs while providing a loving foundation for a Christian faith.
  • Preschool – Kids ages 2 through 5-years-old will participate in fun opening activities, interact during a creative telling of the Bible story, sing songs, make a craft, and engage in an activity related to the story.

Elevate – Kindergarden through 3rd Grade

At Elevate, younger elementary kids grow in understanding of who God is, and how much He loves them in order to elevate their faith to a new level. Each weekend, kids participate in a large group experience that includes singing, creative story telling, multi-media, and more to communicate God’s awesome love, and how His story connects to our story. In grade-level small groups, they continue to learn more through games and activities while building friendships with other kids and leaders.

Summit – 4th and 5th Grade

Summit is where preteens learn to live out God’s love. They will be challenged to make an impact in their neighborhood, school, and community. Summit uses small groups to give everyone a chance to be part of the conversation and learning. There are also service projects throughout the year that give preteens hands-on ways of living out their faith. Summit meets during weekend services, as well as a special mid-week program during the school year on Wednesdays from 6:30 to 8 pm.

Explorers – Special Needs

Our Explorers’ classroom provides sensory opportunities, visual, and communication support, and a focus on encouraging appropriate peer interaction for children with special needs. In addition to being a safe and supportive environment for your child, we also have a modified curriculum.

Many of our kids take part in our regular classrooms, with the support of a volunteer leader. In addition to our background screen and reference checks, these volunteers also receive specialized training in issues relating to developmental disabilities. If at any point the classroom becomes overwhelming or if a child is simply having a tough day, the child may be taken back down to our Explorers’ classroom.

The volunteer’s purpose is to:

  • Support the child so he or she can be successful
  • Provide models of appropriate communication and interaction
  • Fade out support as much as possible to allow for independence
  • Prompt and encourage peer interaction (rather than just adult-child interaction)
  • Provide feedback to parents about the child’s participation