Why do we give?

If you’re curious about giving — why we do it, or how to give — we would love to have a conversation with you!



Electronic giving is secure and tax deductible. Create an online account through Planning Center Online to set up a custom giving schedule.

Check / Cash

Bring your gift of cash or a check and drop it in the offering boxes, or mail it to the church.

Asset-Based Contribution

To donate personal property, stocks, real estate, and more, please contact our Operations Pastor, Kevin King


To get started, text the amount you want to give to 84321.

Thank you for your Generosity

God continues to use all of us together to impact our world near and far, and model what it looks like to love like Jesus! We have been in awe of what God does through each of us when we are generous with what He has given us.

There are so many stories about how our church has blessed many different people. Together, we continue to introduce people to Jesus and lead them in their next step with Him.

This past year, through Level Up, you gave a total of $184,882 to Rū Tampa, GenerateHope, and SHIELD616.

Your giving matters. Thank you for all the ways you continue to be generous.

Access Your giving statement

Click here to access Planning Center Online

• Click on your initials in the top, right-hand corner

• Scroll to the bottom of the page, and select “My giving.”

• From here, you can see your donation history, recurring giving, payment methods, and access your statements.

Bridging You and Others to God’s Grace

Life is an adventure and we’re excited about following God’s lead. When you give to LifeBridge, you help support partners, both local and around the world, in important work of life transformation. Your resources also help make an impact in the day-to-day ministries of serving families, single moms, those who need care, adults, kids with special needs, students, and more. When we tithe (or give ten percent), we worship and love God through our resources to allow His work to continue.