Level Up: This is Who We Are

Together, we’re going to Level Up our impact in the world near and far, Level Up our faith, and we’re going to Level Up our giving as a church to model what it looks like to love like Jesus.

On November 26, we’re going to give every tithe and offering to 3 selected ministry partners. Every dollar given on this day will be used exclusively to support a national partner here in the states, and two local partners. 

In 2022, through Level Up, you gave a total of $160,534.16 to Agape Safe Haven, Rū Tampa, and GO Ministries. We give as an act of worship, it’s our response to who God is and all that He has done for us. For those of us who are followers of Jesus, and call LifeBridge home, this is what we do. 

We are excited to do it again this year!

Getting involved is simple. First, we invite you to pray and ask God how you can Level Up your generosity. Then, on Sunday, November 26, you can give as usual (online or on campus, in the boxes in the back of the auditorium). Everything that is collected that week will be given directly to our three partners. Let’s do this!

Learn more about each ministry below.


At the heart of following Jesus is loving those in our community and beyond. We know that our entire world needs to experience more of Jesus’ love, grace and hope. Which is why we are excited to continue to work with Rū Tampa.

“How do we reach the people the church isn’t reaching?” It was the question that prompted Isaac and Vanessa Petit Frère to form a rapidly-growing young adults ministry in South Florida. And, it is the question that drove their desire to plant Rū Tampa. Their vision is a city vision. Rū is short for the word “Ruah” which means Spirit. They are Rū Tampa because their vision is to see the city filled with people filled with the Spirit of God. 


GenerateHope is a faith-based organization providing long-term, comprehensive programs to women who have been sexually trafficked, so that they are able to reintegrate into society and walk powerfully into their futures. GenerateHope provides long-term housing, trauma-informed individual and group psychotherapy, career development services with an academic program, case management, adjunct therapies, and more. We have the opportunity to help support them as they renovate a barn on their property to create a clean and safe space for women to unwind and relax.


SHIELD616 was founded to provide all-day rifle protection for peace officers and first responders who sacrificially serve our communities. Roughly six years ago, LifeBridge partnered with two other churches to provide 58 sets of gear to police officers and deputies from Boulder Sheriff’s Dept., Longmont PD, Louisville PD, and Loveland PD while also providing each officer/agent with a prayer partner creating relationships and opportunities for our church to support beyond the physical need.

As most of that gear is now out of its approved life cycle, we can provide new equipment to first responders, as well as regular prayer and encouragement by connecting each first responder with a prayer partner. Let us know you’re interested in becoming a prayer partner!